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 Fury Warrior ! (if needed OT)

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Fury Warrior !        (if needed OT) Empty
PostSubject: Fury Warrior ! (if needed OT)   Fury Warrior !        (if needed OT) Icon_minitime15.10.07 21:57

Ingame namn: Giib
Class: Warrior
Race: Troll

Orginal owner: Yes
Irl name: Mattias
Age: 16
From: Sweden
sport work?: School

Proffessions: 375 Mining/BS

what time in the week that u can play: after school , around 16.00-23.00. Weekends sometime all day long
Karazhan prequest done: Yes
Revered with?: All heroic key factions
Raiding in TBC: Kara, Gruul, Mag, Void

Got Ventrilo 2.1.4 and a mic: Yes

Profile Link (armory profile): inspect me to see my fury gear, it wont be a disapointment

Specc atm: prot specced atm , but i usally play as fury

Old guilds?: ShazM , DMC
how did u hear of The Fallen: friend of friend on Xfire ^^ (Bagizz)
Got any friend in The Fallen: nope , not what I know ^^

Why should u join The Fallen? I've been looking for raid good for a very long time now since my last guild disbanded.
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Fury Warrior !        (if needed OT) Empty
PostSubject: Denied   Fury Warrior !        (if needed OT) Icon_minitime16.10.07 15:50

Application Denied because we are full on warriors

GL finding a other guild
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Fury Warrior ! (if needed OT)
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