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 Holy priest app

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PostSubject: Holy priest app   Holy priest app Icon_minitime10.10.07 18:34

Ingame namn: Flashey
Class: Priest
Race: Undead

Orginal owner: thats me
Irl name: Magnus Steinsmo
Age: 20
From: Norway
sport work?: Army

Proffessions: enchanting and tailoring working on skill lvling atm

what time in the week that u can play: all days after 17:00 and to about 24:00 if there should be a good reason i could stay all the night
Karazhan prequest done: yea
Revered with?:
Lower city
Cenarion expedition
Keepers of Time
Raiding in TBC: Most of the bosses in Kara,

Got Ventrilo 2.1.4 and a mic: ofc

Profile Link (armory profile):

Specc atm: Holy 28/33/0

Old guilds?: nevou
how did u hear of The Fallen: seen you guys in the major cities and some instance playing
Got any friend in The Fallen: Not that i know of

Why should u join The Fallen? Well i'm hungry for more raiding, since i haven't raided much since pre TBC, and u guys does some raiding so then i thought that u must be the place for me, if u seek priests that is, heard u needed healers, but i saw that u only needed palas.
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Holy priest app Empty
PostSubject: Re: Holy priest app   Holy priest app Icon_minitime10.10.07 21:01

Sounds good to me Razz only have to check out ur gear on armory but i'll be back.

// Darkk Lvl 70 Undead priest - Class leader of <The Fallen>
The Fallen is no more =/
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Holy priest app
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