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 Resto Shaman - Grubnatz

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PostSubject: Resto Shaman - Grubnatz   Resto Shaman - Grubnatz Icon_minitime02.10.07 19:50

Ingame namn: Grubnatz
Class: Shaman
Race: Orc

Orginal owner: Me
Irl name: Charlie
Age: 19
From: Sweden
sport work?: The only thing I do atm is that I go to the gym everyday, nothing else =)

Proffessions: Alc (363) and Herb (375)

what time in the week that u can play: Doesn't matter
Karazhan prequest done: Yes
Revered with?: Everyone
Raiding in TBC: Kara

Got Ventrilo 2.1.4 and a mic: Yes

Profile Link (armory profile): The armory only shows my PvP gear, but I have a little more than 1600+ healing full buffed and with some PvE gear.

Specc atm: 8/0/53 (Resto)

Old guilds?: Game
how did u hear of The Fallen: In the general chat
Got any friend in The Fallen: nope

Why should u join The Fallen? I havent done any PvE for a long time now, so you can say I've missed it. I think I can contribute the guild a lot now when I'm finished with school and have a lot of time on my hands Razz
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Resto Shaman - Grubnatz Empty
PostSubject: yo   Resto Shaman - Grubnatz Icon_minitime02.10.07 21:05

Hey, whisp me ingame soo i can inspekt but it sounds good =) you are prolly accepted // Fixe
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Resto Shaman - Grubnatz
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