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PostSubject: Apply:)   Apply:) Icon_minitime30.09.07 21:15

Ingame namn: Opacuz
Class: Rogue
Race: Undead

Orginal owner: Me
Irl name: Joel
Age: 18
From: Sweden
sport work?: School and fotball sometimes

Proffessions:Lw/ skinning i just changed from heb/alchemy so i am skilling atm

what time in the week that u can play: I go to school from 8 to 15
Karazhan prequest done: ofc
Revered with?: Thrallmar
Raiding in TBC: Cleared kara

Got Ventrilo 2.1.4 and a mic: yes

Profile Link (armory profile):

Specc atm: 18/0/43

Old guilds?: I was playing on executas and then me and my friend moved here to play with some other friends. But i was in racial ( cleared kara ) goodfellas (cleared kara ) but they dispanded 2 days after i joined.

how did u hear of The Fallen: I saw a guy with decent gear and he was from the fallen so i thought to check it out

Got any friend in The Fallen:No

Why should u join The Fallen? Ofc i want epic. But it is allso becouse its fun to play pve. And i am looking for a more serius guild to play with:)

That all for me

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PostSubject: aa   Apply:) Icon_minitime30.09.07 21:26

Work on your gear, go heroic for example

I let it over to Radde or Fixe
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PostSubject: yo   Apply:) Icon_minitime30.09.07 22:16

Cleared karazhan with many guilds, but just one item that comes from there:S well we got full on rogues atm ! DENIED
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PostSubject: Re: Apply:)   Apply:) Icon_minitime

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