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 Resto shammy apply

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PostSubject: Resto shammy apply   Resto shammy apply Icon_minitime16.10.07 21:04

Ingame name:Quantum

Orginal owner: I am the orginal owner.
Irl name:Richard
From: UK (couldn't find any info if the guild was a swe only guild so i thought i'd apply and find out anyway)
sport work?:College

Proffessions:Herb 390 / Alch 375

what time in the week that u can play: most days i get home from 18:00 but mondays, sundays and wednesdays i get home at 16:30

Karazhan prequest done:Yes
Revered with?:All but Lower City
Raiding in TBC:Kara/gruul/SSC - up to Morogrim/TK - Void reaver

Got Ventrilo 2.1.4 and a mic:yes to both

Profile Link (armory profile)
(Healing is actually 1419 my other trinket is not showing on their)

Specc atm:Resto 0/5/56

Old guilds?:SeVeN on mazrigos as alliance
how did u hear of The Fallen:Saw a guild recruitment post in game.
Got any friend in The Fallen:Nope, im new to the server.

Why should u join The Fallen? Because im bored of doing regular instances and want to join a guild that is progressing.
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PostSubject: Re: Resto shammy apply   Resto shammy apply Icon_minitime16.10.07 21:11

for some reason it didn't link my armory so year it is
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Resto shammy apply
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