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Mage (Ap

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PostSubject: Application   Application Icon_minitime01.10.07 1:21

Ingame namn: Tjackback

Class: Mage

Race: Undead

Orginal owner: Me

Irl name: Ardian

Age: 17

From: Sweden

sport work?: School, construction

Tailoring and Herbalism, low skill on both due to recent change of proffesion

what time in the week that u can play:
I go to school from 8 to 16

Karazhan prequest done: 1 part left atm, done soon though

Revered with?: none of the utland factions but soon with Lower City

Raiding in TBC: none yet

Got Ventrilo 2.1.4 and a mic: yes, got all Ventrilo versions

Profile Link (armory profile):

Specc atm: 0/5/56

Old guilds?: All Time Low
how did u hear of The Fallen: I saw a guy with decent gear and he was from the fallen so i thought to check it out

Got any friend in The Fallen: None that i can think of

Why should u join The Fallen? i want to join because im an active player who wants to experience all the outland factions with a great guild and get as good gear as possible so that i can be a better mage
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PostSubject: DENIED   Application Icon_minitime01.10.07 18:04

Denied , full of mages and you don't fill up the gear requirement .
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